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BeautyGARDE: 66% ROI Improvement With an Omnichannel Paid Advertising Strategy

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Brand Growth & Increased Sales Through Paid Advertising

BEAUTYGARDE was founded by influencer Noni Creme, who was eager to continue the growth of her brand and increase sales using highly targeted paid advertising efforts. Before working with us, BEAUTYGARDE was working with two separate agencies and struggling with consistency, results, and communication. She was looking for a centralized and cohesive strategy for her advertising funnel. Our marketing strategy was focused on highly targeted ad campaigns that were determined based on various testing results and conversion metrics.


Google Advertising


Increase in


Increased ROI YoY

Our strategy for BEAUTYGARDE was heavily centered around testing creative and conversion methods to optimize ad performance. We developed new advertisements and optimized existing ones to continue to scale and target effectively.

The results of this strategy generated a 61% increase in revenue and an 18.5% increase in ROI year-over-year. Additionally, it performed at a 7% increase in revenue and a 25% increase in ROI from the previous quarter.


Facebook Advertising


Increase in


Increase in ROI

To reach their goals, we implemented a similar strategy to their Facebook ads as we did for their Pinterest ads. We targeted highly-defined groups of people and tested conversions, landing pages, audiences, and creativity to ensure optimal results.

The results of this social strategy yielded a 20% increase in revenue and a 34% increase in ROI compared to the previous quarter.


Pinterest Advertising


Increase in


Increase in ROI

Given the market of BEAUTYGARDE, we were able to creatively test the visuals as well as the conversion methods. We compared direct conversion strategies to more unique conversions such as quizzes. We also directly tested different audiences and messaging to further target our ideal audience.

The results of our testing showed a 77% increase in revenue and a 100% increase in ROI from the previous quarter.


Amazon Advertising


in ACoS


Increase in
ad revenue

To further build their brand awareness, we continued to optimize their marketplace advertising using Amazon. Our advertising efforts were focused on optimizing content and directly targeting a highly-engaged audience.

With this strategy, we were able to yield a 47% improvement in ACoS, a 26% improvement in TACoS, and a 100% increase in advertising revenue compared to the previous quarter.

Website Metric Improvements


Increased web revenue


Increase in
advertising ROI

Our advertising efforts for BEAUTYGARDE provided some amazing results to their website metrics. Our targeting efforts yielded a 2.77% increase in overall website revenue year over year. Additionally, it showed a 14.48% increase in overall website revenue and a 30% increase in advertising ROI quarter over quarter.




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