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Good Idea: 667% Organic Revenue Growth with a Robust SEO Strategy

Sparkling water proven to help prime metabolism & reduce blood sugar spikes after a meal. Founded by metabolic researchers to help improve energy levels and reduce cravings.

Growing Brand Recognition Through SEO

Before working with us, GOOD IDEA was eager to grow its brand recognition in the United States. After being founded in Sweden, the company had a goal to expand the health benefits of its beverage to the west and solidify itself in the CPG space.

Our marketing strategy was centered around driving organic growth to their website through SEO efforts and increasing their brand recognition in both the retail and direct-to-consumer channels. Additionally, our design team worked to optimize their design and overall social media aesthetic to further create a brand identity that consumers would remember.

Seo Image

Search Engine

GOOD IDEA was able to redefine its SEO exposure completely using our high-ranking article content, increased web traffic improvements, and our clearly defined optimized on-page and off-page updates.

The results of this strategy generated a 537% increase in organic traffic, and a 667% increase in organic revenue compared to the prior 8 months.


Increased organic


Increased organic

Landing Page Design

Our team of highly skilled designers created multiple landing pages that clearly defined the brand aesthetic and capture the attention of incoming website visitors. Our focus was to optimize their existing branding to further elevate their brand against competitors in the industry.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Given their target audience and scalability goals, we optimized their social media branding to further establish their presence in the industry and target their ideal audience. We expanded these creative initiatives in their social media ads, too.

The Success

Overall, by running ads with multiple audiences across different channels, led to an increase in order volume by 91% and revenue by 34% year over year. Moving forward we are continuing to optimize a variety of advertising platforms in order to increase ROI and reduce ad spend.