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Hotmilk Lingerie: 30%+ Increase in Revenue & ROI with Robust Organic & Paid Strategies

With a multi-national presence and a wide variety of large competitors, Hotmilk Lingerie came to us motivated to achieve a more prominent organic and paid presence to ultimately drive increased revenue. 


31% Increase in Organic Traffic with Search Engine Optimization


Increase in backlinks


Increase in 40+ backlinks


Increase in Organic Traffic


 Increase in Site Health


Increase in Target Keyword Visibility


Increase in Organic Revenue

Hotmilk Lingerie offers its products to a wide range of customers across many different countries. Naturally, specific markets perform better than others, but they were motivated to boost under-performing nations while optimizing and scaling the better-performing ones. 

Our SEO strategies included deep research and competitor analysis before conducting our on-page, off-page, and blog optimization strategies. Over a six-month period, our efforts yielded a 42% increase in backlinks, a 68% increase in 40+ DA backlinks, a 31% increase in organic traffic, a 31% increase in Site Health, a 54% increase in target keyword visibility, 33% increase in organic revenue year-over-year for Hotmilk Lingerie. 


31% Increase in ROI with Search Engine and Facebook Advertising


Increase in ROI


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Conversion Rate

To further support Hotmilk Lingerie’s goals, we also added paid advertising initiatives to our overall marketing strategy. With a presence on Facebook and search engines, we provided additional targeting opportunities to incentivize more revenue. 

Our paid advertising efforts yielded additional results, including an increase in ad spend by 58% and improved ROI by 31%, a 21% increase in conversions, and a 28% increase in conversion rate year-over-year over a six-month period.

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