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Innovo is an innovative and dynamic accounting & administrative staffing firm founded by experienced recruiters with first-hand industry knowledge. Innovo works directly with start-ups through Fortune 500 multinational organizations across industries in the northeast United States.

Organic Website Traffic and LinkedIn Growth Boosts Business For Innovo

Before working with us, Innovo was experiencing challenges with recruiting employees across their key industries. While the team consisted of experts in their fields, they had a few concerns with connecting their clients with the right talent.

We knew they needed a LinkedIn presence to connect with the job market and attract qualified candidates to fit their growing list of available roles.

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Thomas M.
Founder and CEO

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First, we optimized Innovo’s LinkedIn account so that users could easily get in touch and apply for roles through LinkedIn or through Innovo’s website. Then, we built out a content strategy that included posting quality content on LinkedIn as well as on Innovo’s website.


Innovo’s primary audience was hiring companies looking to fill positions, as well as candidates in the job market who were looking for their next big employment opportunity. Because of this, LinkedIn was the platform that made the most sense. The LinkedIn community is the top social network for companies, employers, and candidates—so we knew we could utilize LinkedIn to connect candidates with key roles that would be of interest to them.

In one year, through a strategic, regular posting schedule and activity on LinkedIn, we grew Innovo’s LinkedIn follower count by 45%. This led to a boost in business, as followers were engaging with content and clicking on provided links and CTAs.

What’s more, Innovo was rated in the Top 50 US Companies for Engagement by LinkedIn.


Increased LinkedIn followers

SEO Content Strategy

We know the importance of deploying a strong SEO content strategy. Using this, we created highly optimized articles on Innovo’s website, targeting keywords that their ideal customers were searching for.

SEO content is key to growing an organic web presence on Google. We researched, planned, and wrote SEO-optimized articles twice per month and posted on Innovo’s website every other week. From this strategy alone, organic traffic to Innovo’s website grew from 500 to 5,000 organic users per month—a massive growth percentage of 900% in just one year.

Boosting organic traffic to Innovo’s website led to an increase in quality leads, growing their client base and securing more contracts for their target market.


increased organic traffic

The Success

Implementing an SEO content strategy with a targeted social media strategy on LinkedIn boosted growth significantly over one year. By testing and adjusting our strategy through data analysis, we improved business results for Innovo, leading to a 375% improvement in lead flow a 250% increase in revenue.

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