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IronYun: 212% Community Growth With Social Media Marketing

The Vaidio AI Vision Platform from IronYun USA adds intelligence for security, safety, health, and operations to any IP camera and dozens of market-leading video management systems - at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems.


Before working with us, IronYun was driven to become a thought leader in their space and solidify itself as the leader of the AI-enabled video analytics industry. Over 6 months, our goal was to increase brand awareness and help them establish their position in an up-and-coming industry.

Our marketing strategy was centered around driving organic growth to their website through SEO efforts, search engine ads to increase lead flow, establishing brand awareness using social media, targeted messaging using email marketing, and web optimization through landing page creation. IronYun experienced exponential growth using our tailored strategy and vastly stood out against competitors.

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Search Engine Optimization

IronYun was able to redefine its SEO exposure completely. Our SEO specialists created high-ranking article creation, increased web traffic to their website, and consistently optimized on-page and off-page updates.

The results of this strategy generated a 21% increase in organic traffic and a 37% increase in organic lead flow compared to the previous 6 months.


Increased organic


Increased organic
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Google Advertising:

Through optimizing existing ads and creating new, highly targeted ads, we provided IronYun with an incredible 22% increase in lead flow as well as a 24% reduction in CPA (cost per action) compared to the previous 6 months.


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reduction in CPA
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Social Media Marketing:

Given their target audience and scalability goals, we utilized LinkedIn as a way to capitalize on their social media presence and drive highly engaged organic traffic to their website.

The results provided by our social media strategy showed a 212% increase in website traffic from social posts, a 38% increase in followers, and a 36.5% increase in their engagement rate compared to the previous 6 months.


website traffic


increase in


Vaidio's AI Smoke Ans Fire Detection
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Email Marketing:

We utilized email marketing as a way to maintain consumer awareness and retention for IronYun. We provided targeted email content using strategic list segmentation and consistent A/B testing efforts.

Our email marketing efforts presented IronYun with a 35% increase in open rate, a 22% increase in click rate, and a 41% reduction in unsubscribe rate compared to the previous 6 months.


open rate


increase in
click rate


reduction in
unsubscribe rate
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Website design

Our team of skilled web designers developed a highly branded and optimized job portal page to further grow the internal team of IronYun. This creative process utilized company education combined with elevated brand aesthetics to maximize external awareness and interest.

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The Success

Overall our combined marketing strategy efforts allowed IronYun to scale exponentially and solidify itself as a leader in the space. Their overall business growth allowed them the ability to bring their marketing team in-house and continue to grow internally.