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Killerspin: 995% Increase in Retention Marketing Revenue

Killerspin came to us motivated to elevate their email marketing initiatives. With both B2B and D2C service and product offerings, they were motivated to further solidify their brand awareness, increase engagement, and boost conversions. 


995% Increase in campaign revenue with retention marketing


Increase in Campaign Revenue


Increase in Open Rate


Increase in Click Rate

With a heavy paid media presence, Killerspin was in need of additional ways to boost its revenue and retain current contacts organically. We customized their email strategy to include creative and technical testing initiatives and optimizations to inspire maximum engagement and conversions. 

Over six months, our retention strategy provided Killerspin with a 995% increase in campaign revenue, a 75% increase in open rate, and a 101% increase in click rate compared to the previous six months.

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