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Lifelong Collectibles : 91% Growth With a Strong Paid & Retention Strategy

A unique shop for home decor and gifts featuring one of the largest collection of collectibles in the U.S.A.

Establish Brand Identity in the Market & Increase Consumer Retention

LIFELONG COLLECTIBLES had a mission to solidify itself in the classic collectibles market. Their mission was not only to grow their consumer list but also to retain their current customers. The single owner of this brand was looking for support in improving his current marketing efforts primarily in the paid advertising and email marketing funnels.

Our marketing strategy was focused on highly targeted ad campaigns specific to Google and Microsoft as well as an elevated email marketing strategy to improve retention and conversion.

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Google & Microsoft

Given the target audience of LIFELONG COLLECTIBLES, our strategy was to advertise to a highly-targeted audience using clearly defined creative to further increase traffic to the website.

The results of this strategy generated a 59% increase in revenue and a 16.5% increase in ROI year-over-year.


increase in


increase in ROI

The Success

Overall our email marketing and paid advertising strategies allowed LIFELONG COLLECTIBLES to grow and retain their consumer traffic. They saw an 18.5% increase in email open rate with a 6.63% increase in click rate. Their overall business growth for Quarters 3 and 4 in 2022 showed a 120% increase in revenue and a 41% improvement in ROI year over year.