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MD Glam: Refined Retention Marketing Leads to 250% Revenue Growth

Luxurious, medical-grade skincare of the highest quality by leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Cat.

Building Client Retention With Email Marketing

When MD GLAM came to us, they were driven to expand their consumer reach and grow conversions. Initially, our team started off using targeted social advertising strategies to find the right audiences for their market and specifically target conversion-driving metrics.

Upon our success with Facebook advertising, we took over their email marketing strategy to further retain current customers and increase re-purchasing conversions. Our paid advertising and email marketing team provided MD GLAM with exponential growth using targeted messaging, tailored designs, and audience and segmentation testing.

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Email Marketing

MD GLAM was able to significantly scale its email marketing business. Our email marketing team combined targeted messaging, tailored design, and A/B testing to improve the overall customer experience. The results generated a 126.8% improvement in attributed revenue and a 238.5% improvement in open rate compared to the previous period. Additionally, year over year, MD GLAM was able to achieve a 275.1% improvement in attributed revenue and a 32.5% improvement in open rate.


in open rate*


in revenue*
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Facebook Advertising

To improve both traffic and conversion rates, our paid advertising team relied extensively on targeted messaging, audience testing, and tailored visuals to further reach ideal customers and scale MD GLAM.

Our efforts generated a 3x increase in orders, a 3.2x improvement in ROI, a 2.5x improvement in conversion rate, and a 32% improvement in CTR compared to the previous period.


in CTR


in ROI
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To further expand on MD GLAM'S campaign efforts, we utilized SMS marketing to retain current customers and build conversion-driving metrics. Our SMS efforts generated a 14% conversion rate in SMS marketing, leading to a 250% increase month over month for MD Glam.


conversion rate


increase MoM

The Success

Overall our combined marketing strategy efforts allowed MD Glam to scale exponentially and solidify itself as a leader in the space. Their overall business growth allowed them to invest in additional marketing initiatives and further their growth.