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Onfloor Technologies: 760% Growth From a Complete Marketing Strategy

Onfloor Technologies is the leading manufacturer of commercial floor restoration machines that help commercial cleaning and construction businesses simplify the process of preparing, resurfacing, and maintaining floors. Onfloor offers powerful products that are simple enough for DIY users yet powerful enough for professionals.

Generating Quality
Leads Through SEO, Social Media Grows Revenue and Profit
by 94%

Before working with us, Onfloor Technologies was facing a few business challenges when it came to lead flow and revenue. They wanted to improve lead flow by attracting quality leads and needed to optimize their sales process to convert leads and grow revenue.

In terms of social media and search engine marketing, they were struggling to attract leads from organic efforts and paid ads, and the leads that inquired were largely unqualified. Onfloor also had a minimal social media presence, and social wasn’t boosting brand awareness or bringing in new business.

Onfloor came to us with strong goals to generate quality leads, improve lead flow and conversion, and grow revenue and profit, so we launched into analysis and planning utilizing several targeted strategies.

Currently, Onfloor has experienced a 110% increase in organic traffic, 55% increase in organic leads, and an 80% increase in organic revenue.

onfloor mobile view
Alla B

BlueTuskr has done an amazing job at taking the time to learn our business and come up with a great overall marketing strategy to help us continuously scale while also keeping our target CPA in mind. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and have truly become an extension of our team!

Ad Creation and Optimization Boosts
Quality Leads by Over 760%

After analyzing Onfloor’s previous efforts, we planned to attract quality leads through organic SEO and paid advertising efforts, and sustainably grow a social media presence with organic and paid strategies to increase brand awareness and reach revenue goals.

onfloor search engine ranking

Search Engine Marketing

First, we optimized existing content on their site for organic search and added fresh content tailored to Onfloor’s target audience profiles. Second, we confirmed a strong lead flow process from the initial touchpoint to post-sale, so leads would be set up for strong conversion.

We were able to increase organic traffic by 110%, organic revenue by 80% and organic lead flow by 55% year-over-year.


Increased organic traffic


Increased organic revenue


increased organic lead flow YOY
Onfloor google ads

Google and
Microsoft Ads

Onfloor was already paying for ads that brought some traffic to their site, but the ads weren’t bringing in qualified leads. We analyzed the ads, optimized the ad campaigns, and created new, targeted Google and Microsoft ads to reach Onfloor’s target market.

Since we optimized the lead conversion process, ads seamlessly guided customers from ad clicks to consultations with Onfloor’s sales team with a 580% increase in qualified leads and a 67% decrease in overall cost per acquisition.


increased qualified leads


decrease overall cost per acquisition
social media and marketing
social media and marketing

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Social media marketing efforts included an organic Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn strategy combined with highly targeted paid ads. We built an organic social media presence for Onfloor on each platform to build brand awareness and provide useful information for their followers.

Building an informative social presence and using social growth tactics led to an increase in follower count by 450%, an increase in impressions by 555%, and an increased engagement rate by 105% year-over-year.

After establishing branded social profiles, we created targeted paid ads for search and social. Optimizing existing ads and creating new ads for all three platforms led to a conversion rate increase of 150%, a 600% increase in qualified leads in one year, and reduced cost per acquisition by 25% from the social media efforts alone.


Increased follower count


Increased impressions


Increased engagement rate


Increased conversion rate


Increased qualified leads


Reduced cost per acquisition
onfloor march madness email campaignonfloor replacement parts email campaign Onfloor 15 tax off email campaign

Email Marketing

By creating a consistent email marketing strategy in combination with content promotion strategies, Onfloor’s email campaigns saw over a 22% improvement in open rates and a 36% improvement in click rates year-over-year.


Increased open rates YOY


Increased click rates YOY

Landing Page Creation & Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We optimized and redesigned landing pages to address the specific needs of Onfloor’s ideal customer, leading to increased lead flow through online form inquiry. Creating new landing pages also increased web domain authority and pushed web pages to the top of organic Google rankings, improving overall site visibility.

Because of some of our changes, Onfloor saw a 180% improvement in conversion rates (orders and leads combined), a 96% increase in orders, and an 81% increase in average order value.


Increased conversion rates


Increase in orders


Increase average order value

The Success

Implementing, testing, and adjusting our overall marketing strategy led to a 760% increase in quality leads, and explosive yet sustainable organic revenue growth by 80% in just one year.

The strategies we implemented positioned Onfloor as the top manufacturer of floor preparation, resurfacing, and finishing equipment that commercial and construction businesses can depend on, from inquiry through product delivery.

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