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Pet Honesty: 52%+ Organic Traffic Increase in Less Than 3 Months

Pet Honesty came to us eager to further advance their organic performance. With a high-traffic site and many marketing initiatives, they wanted a strategy and team to complement their internal initiatives while maintaining current performance.


52% Increase in Organic Traffic with Search Engine Optimization


Increase in Target Keyword Visibility


Increase in 40+ DA backlinks


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase is Organic CTR


Increase in Site Health

Pet Honesty is a highly respected e-commerce company within the pet industry. With many marketing initiatives already in place, they needed help with their search engine optimization efforts in the continuation of organic traffic growth, site health, and backlinking opportunities. 

We developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that addressed all aspects of their search engine concerns through on-page, off-page, and blog updates. Year over year, our efforts yielded a 73% increase in target keyword visibility, a 59% increase in 40+ DA backlinks, a 52% increase in organic traffic, a 21% increase in organic CTR, and a 28% increase in Site Health for Pet Honesty. 

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