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SNAP Mounts: Improved Conversion Rate by 60%

Buy with Prime helped enhance the customer experience and back-end logistics, ultimately boosting conversions.


Motivated by fulfillment support, an enhanced customer experience, and the potential for increased conversions, SNAP Mounts implemented Buy with Prime. In just one month after adding Buy with Prime to its site, SNAP Mounts reported a:

Notable Highlights:


Increase in shopper conversion


Increase in AOV


Increase in orders


Increase in total site revenue

About SNAP Mounts

SNAP Mounts was founded to revolutionize video content by providing an easy, versatile, and compatible product line to help enthusiasts capture the moment without the hassle. As a small veteran-owned business, its mission is to provide customers with convenience and reliability—both in and out of the shopping experience.

The SNAP Mounts product line is compatible with all GoPro, DJI Osmo Action, and three-prong quick-release attachment cameras. No tools are required. Just SNAP and Go! The easy-to-grab finger holds allow you to quickly line up the two magnetic halves for mounting solutions.




Fulfilling Consumer Needs

The biggest challenge that SNAP Mounts faced was the inability to forecast consumer demand. Given the flexibility and wide range of uses within the product line, SNAP Mounts struggled with determining when a consumer might be in the market for this type of product. This created issues for marketing, logistics, and planning initiatives that ultimately affected the user experience. 

The primary motivation for SNAP Mounts to try Buy with Prime was to generate awareness and boost authenticity for its customers from the discovery phase to the purchase phase without compromising internal business fulfillment, product availability, or convenience for its customers. By adding Buy with Prime to its ecommerce site, SNAP Mounts was able to leverage the trust and familiarity of Prime and offer a convenient checkout for their consumers. Reviews from Amazon, which is available exclusively to Buy with Prime merchants, also greatly benefited SNAP Mounts because it gives potential customers visibility to a wide range of authentic customer feedback to help convert shoppers still in the discovery phase of their purchasing journey. 







The Support of Buy with Prime


Increase in orders


Increase in AOV


Increase in shopper conversion

Implementing Buy with Prime allowed SNAP Mounts to reach a more extensive audience base by leveraging the trust of Prime and offering an easier, familiar shopping experience for consumers. Additionally, SNAP Mounts used Reviews from Amazon to display its Amazon.com customers' reviews directly on its website. This provides potential customers with the social proof that they trust and helps them make more informed purchase decisions. 

Boosting trust with the shopper was a critical aspect of SNAP Mounts’ consideration for implementing Buy with Prime. It wanted to further enhance brand credibility and the user experience for its shoppers. 

In only one month after adding Buy with Prime to its site, SNAP Mounts has reported successful results that cater to its revenue goals, customer experience, and logistic motivators. Specifically, the company saw a 45% increase in orders, an 18% increase in AOV, and a 54% increase in shopper conversion.

In addition to the growth, Buy with Prime has provided some relief for the SNAP Mounts team’s internal fulfillment struggles now that Amazon is handling fulfillment for Buy with Prime orders. Using Amazon’s fulfillment services, the SNAP Mounts team doesn’t have to worry about fulfillment because Amazon takes care of the storage, picking, packing, and shipping. 


Call to Action

Having such a niche product line without the capability to really forecast or plan for consumer needs made it challenging for this Veteran-owned business to maximize its user experience. Buy with Prime helped support SNAP Mounts by providing accessibility and trustworthiness to the user by leveraging a household name that customers rely on. Additionally, fulfillment handled by Amazon provided a more seamless forecasting process, allowing SNAP Mounts to focus its attention on other business expansion initiatives.  

In just over ONE month, Buy with Prime helped SNAP Mounts achieve great conversion-based results that helped bring in additional revenue while supporting logistic-based needs. 


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