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Styku: 115% Growth From a Robust Full Scale Marketing Strategy

Styku 3D body scanner technology helps doctors, fitness professionals, and medspas improve the fitness experience for their patients and clients by making it easier for medical and fitness professionals to provide quick, reliable, non-invasive body scans for their clients.

Generating Quality Leads Through SEO, Social Strategy, and Email Marketing

Before working with us, Styku was experiencing challenges in several key marketing areas. The sales team was struggling to get qualified leads from their paid advertising efforts, they had a minimal social media presence, their search engine optimization strategies were harming them, their email list was going unused, and overall cost per acquisition (CPA) was significantly higher than they needed.

Styku came to us with strong goals to increase sales, increase organic traffic and website conversions, grow their brand awareness, and lower their customer acquisition cost.

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Founder & CEO

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Building a Strategic Marketing Plan

To overcome these challenges, we created a strategic marketing plan to build brand awareness through organic and paid social media and search ads, email marketing, and strategic article and landing page creation to boost organic website traffic and increase revenue.

Landing Page Creation

The team optimized and redesigned landing pages to address the specific needs of Styku’s ideal customer, leading to reduced customer acquisition costs. Creating new landing pages also increased web domain authority and pushed web pages to the top of organic Google rankings, improving overall site visibility.

Styku Articles

SEO Article Creation Integrated with Social Media Advertising

Knowing the importance of having a strong SEO and content strategy, we created custom audiences through blog traffic to optimized articles on Styku’s website which led to over a 45% increase in organic traffic and over a 30% increase in organic conversions year-over-year.

We also utilized Facebook pixels to serve relevant ads and provided targeted user touchpoints across digital channels. These efforts worked concurrently to guide interested, qualified leads to Styku’s product and services.

Additionally, by optimizing existing ads and creating new, highly targeted social media ads for Styku’s ideal customer base, we were able to reduce Facebook Advertising cost-per-acquisition by over 25%.


Increased organic traffic


Increased organic conversions YOY


reduced CPA
Styku Google Ad Sample

Google Advertising

Optimizing existing ads and creating new highly targeted ads allowed us to increase Google Ads conversions by almost 50% year-over-year and increase the conversion rate by over 65% in one year.


increased Google Ads conversions YOY


incresed conversion rate

The Success

Constantly testing and adjusting our strategy allowed us to improve results leading to a 48% reduction in cost per acquisition, 115% increase in revenue, and a 64% improvement in ROI for Styku within one year.

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