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Threadfellows: 180% Growth by Driving Social & Paid Search Demand

Threadfellows is a corporate apparel and accessory provider that helps businesses elevate their brands by offering curated collections of custom logo branded clothing, accessories, outdoor gear, gifts, and more.

Boosting Revenue Through Targeted Ad Campaigns

Before working with us, Threadfellows had strong goals to increase order volume, revenue, and ROI. We started fresh in 2022 by running three advertising campaigns focusing on prospecting, retargeting, and page likes.

Using an integrated marketing strategy, we created targeted advertising campaigns via Facebook, Google, and AdRoll to boost revenue while keeping Threadfellows top-of-mind to their potential customers. This strategy also served to increase return customer orders through retargeting.

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Kelly L.
Marketing Representative

BlueTuskr has been a great partner in helping to manage some of our digital efforts. They provide sound advice and are very timely when edits are requested. They also share regular reports to help us all keep an eye on performance!

threadfellows facebook ads
threadfellows facebook ads


We leveraged custom audiences to serve relevant ads that were targeted touch points across multiple digital channels. These efforts worked concurrently to guide interested, qualified leads to Threadfellows' products, which ultimately resulted in a 160% increase in revenue YoY.

By optimizing existing ads in addition to creating new, highly targeted ads for Threadfellows' ideal customer base, we were able to increase conversions by more than 184%.


Increased revenue YOY


Increased conversions
Google Ads

Google Advertising

Optimizing existing ads and creating new, highly targeted ads allowed us to increase revenue by more than 29% year over year.


increased revenue YOY
Threadfellows adrollad

AdRoll Ads

We connected Threadfellows’ Shopify site to AdRoll e-commerce marketing platform to target messaging to various audience segments. With this platform, we were able to target and retarget prospective customers with tailored ads and messaging. This led to a reduced cost per acquisition (CPA) by 58%.


reduced CPA

The Success

Overall, by running ads with multiple audiences across different channels, led to an increase in order volume by 91% and revenue by 34% year over year. Moving forward we are continuing to optimize a variety of advertising platforms in order to increase ROI and reduce ad spend.