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Tool Balancers: 611% Organic Revenue Increase with Robust SEO Strategy

With a highly niched product line and limited search traffic, Tool Balancers came to us eager to grow their organic traffic and conversions. With large competitors that had a broader product offering, Tool Balancers was motivated to find a way to outrank and scale their online presence.


611% Increase in organic revenue with SEO


Improvement in Site Health


Improvement in organic traffic


Improvement in organic conversions


Increase in organic revenue


Improvement in average keyword position


Improvement in website visibility


Improvement in backlinks

Tool Balancers, who primarily target the B2B market, came to us motivated to compete against their competitors and scale their organic presence. With not a lot of preexisting keywords or search volume, we tailored a customized strategy yielding substantial results. 

Our SEO strategies included competitor research, article creation and optimization, and on-page and off-page SEO practices. Over six months, Tool Balancers gained a 19% improvement in Site Health, a 196% improvement in organic traffic, a 518% improvement in organic conversions, a 611% increase in organic revenue, a 41% improvement in average keyword position, a 334% improvement in website visibility, and a 74% improvement in backlinks above DA 40 compared to the previous six months. 

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